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Whats Best : Alternatives For Using WhatsApp On PC

download whatsapp for pc freeWhatsApp..!!!! Do you heard this for the first time? Well, this best free messaging app for smartphone is not new to anyone in the world, as this app already has a billions of users across the world. Sharing of messages, images, audios and videos with your family, friends, colleagues and more with such an ease makes WhatsApp, the best messaging app for smartphones. However, there are circumstances that you are unable to use your app on your smartphone due to lack of the functionality or damage of your handset or you want to simultaneously access your work and WhatsApp on PC, therefore we are here with a list of alternatives for using WhatsApp on PC. This article will provide the list of downloads for using WhatsApp on PC, how to install and use it. Continue reading Whats Best : Alternatives For Using WhatsApp On PC