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LG webOS TV Platform Announced [CES 2014]

LG webOS TV Announced [CES 2014]We all know that LG will be showing their webOS TV will be unveiled in this year CES i.e CES 2014. LG earlier purchased the webOS from Hp over a year ago who failed to make most of it and now, they are using the mobile operating system as a TV interface. LG has today announced that the webOS TV will be used on over 70 percent of their new Smart TV lineup. Also, the webOS used on TV will be different from what appears in mobile phones. Continue reading LG webOS TV Platform Announced [CES 2014]

LG WebOS TV To Adopt “Cards” Interface

LG WebOS TV To Adopt "Cards" InterfaceWebOS was sold first to HP, which tried it in tablets and even in their printers, but failed to get success. HP then launched a sale of webOS tablets, just only to get rid of the inventory in their warehouse. However, LG purchased webOS even though their was no success of its use in smartphones and tablets. But this time the South Korean tech giant, LG is planning to put in its smart TV. According to reports, LG will be launching its webOS smart TV at Consumer Electronic Show 2014, which is to be held next month and rumors claim that LG will be using its unique “cards” interface in the OS. Continue reading LG WebOS TV To Adopt “Cards” Interface