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Gizcrunch is all about Technologies/Gadgets in the real world. Through Gizcrunch, we give our readers a core news as well as knowledge about the Gadgets, Gaming, Social Media and much more. We give news by taking everything into consideration starting from design, the pricing lists and their GUI. Whatever it may be, our main aim is to aware and acknowledge everyone about the news. If the news is not cool enough for readers, than we make sure that it is not posted in our blog.

We offer news/informations/solutions to our readers in four different categories: Technology, Codes, Downloads and Offers & Discounts

GC Technology News is the heart of Gizcrunch. We ensure that our readers get their perfect Technology news including Gaming, Gadgets and more at one stop.

GC Codes talks more about the coding and insights of core technologies. It ensure that viewers get the appropriate coding solutions for their queries.

GC Downloads offers viewers with the right app/software download for their PC/Mobile.

GC Offers/Discounts provides viewers with amazing offers, discounts and coupons for different Tech products, apps, downloads, events etc.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Aseem Girkar, GIZCRUNCHAseem Girkar is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of GIZCRUNCH. Apart from his love for blogging, He holds Bachelor’s degree in Engineering on Information Technology from University of Mumbai. He loves to write and share news trending in technology world.

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