WhatsApp For Android Updated With New Privacy Settings

WhatsApp For Android Updated With New Privacy SettingsGood news for Android users as WhatsApp has recently introduced a significant update for your devices. WhatsApp has released a new update for Android, updating to v2.11.169 and bringing new privacy settings. The features with the latest update includes: Unlike the iOS version of WhatsApp, Android users can now hide their profile photo and status message. WhatsApp now allows Android users to select who can see your ‘Last seen’, profile photo and status message.

The ability of hiding the Last seen status was already available for iOS versions, but it’s now also available for Android version. The new privacy comes with option to set as everyone, my contacts or no one. The update also brings improvement in mute functionality, which means now muting the group makes it completely silent and only when you open the app you will be able to view new messages from mute group. WhatsApp now also brings the ability for a friend.

Users can select from WhatsApp subscription for one, three or five years and make payment using Google Wallet, PayPal and other mentioned payment methods. The last and another significant update is removal of notification options for broadcast messages, but user can still send broadcast message. This new update has not yet arrived in the Google Play Store, but user can head over to WhatsApp website to download it. Stay tuned for more updates.

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