Firefox OS Pros and Cons You must have known

Firefox OS Pros and Cons You must have known

Firefox OS Pros and Cons You must have known

Firefox is the latest entrant as the mobile Operating System. One thing which you would love at first about smartphones powered by FireFox is that the currently available FireFox powered smartphones are available for as low as 1,999rs. Currently there are only two smartphone available which has FireFox OS running on them.

Pros of Using FireFox OS based smartphones.

1) No need to provide any email ID. Unlike Android or iOS based device where you need to provide a Gmail or a iCloud account for using your device and installing apps from the play store, Firefox OS based smartphones does not ask you to enter any email ID.

2) Firefox smartphone is simpler. Any person who is using an Android smartphone for the first time and a Firefox OS smartphone for the first time would find FireFox smartphone slightly easier to understand and operate. You always get your call, messaging, contacts and Firefox browser icons on the bottom while you swipe the upper interface for app screen.

One more thing is that, FireFox OS developers have made it really simple to connect to the internet. There is a bar showing “I’m thinking of…” on the home screen which lets you search via Google. They do stand on their tag about connecting masses to the internet without any barrier.

3) Firefox OS supports all major social networking apps This means that you are not left alone with no social quotient as FireFox OS developers has taken you need to be social into account. It has support for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Quora, Pinterest etc.

4) Consumes less mobile data. The Firefox OS uses web compression techniques. This means that data consumption on this smartphone would be less compared to android smartphones. Also, since you only have 2G at the moment, you will obviously consume less data in a given span of time compared to any 3G enabled android smartphone.

5) More battery life. The 3G network is one of the biggest reasons of battery drain. Since current Firefox OS smartphone does not support 3G, your battery juices would last longer.

Cons of Using FireFox OS based smartphones.

1) Very low internal memory. The currently available Firefox OS smartphones have a very low internal memory so you need to push in a microSD as both handsets currently available support up to 4 GB of external memory.

2) Whatsapp is not available directly. This might be a deal breaker as WhatsApp is not directly supported in FireFox OS. However, if you cannot stay away from WhatsApp, you can get connected to it via a  third party app called ConnectA2.

3) Popular games and apps missing. Of course, since the FireFox developer community is pretty much new, it would take some time for its app store to have most downloaded android games in to the FireFox app store. So at the moment you will miss games like Tmeple Run, or Angry birds etc. But, to kill your time, it does have Flappy Birds.

This is what we know till now. FireFox OS and FireFox based smartphones are very new in the market, so we cannot judge at the moment about if they will good over android or not. To know this we will have to wait for some time and wait for some powerful FireFox based smartphones to hit the market for us to be able to do a side by side comparison with any android smartphones.

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