What’s Best: Apps For Nokia S40

Best Nokia s40 Apps

Today, world is driving towards high-end phones or you can say high-end smartphones, but  there are some people who still believe in low-end device especially for its simplicity, long battery life and ease of use.  Well, this qualities connects me to ones a leading manufacturer of phones, Nokia. Though Nokia lost its flagship on mobile phones in past couple of years, but Nokia is still the best phone manufacturer when it comes to quality phones.

The Nokia S40 (Series 40) phones at present the cheaper phones was ones the heart-breaker phones. Over the years, this S40 has evolved from a low resolution UI to high resolution UI with an enhanced graphical look. The latest S40 phones includes the Asha series such as 200, 201, 210, 302, 306, 305, 308, 310, 311, 303, 311 and the latest Asha 501. Generally, the User-installed applications on Nokia Series 40  are mobile Java applications (Java based apps) which makes your Nokia S40 phone more productive. We assure you to get the best of S40 from this post

Here are some of the best apps of Nokia S40 that will not only increase its functionality but will also make your phone more productive.

  • Best Cross Platform Messaging App

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Best Messaging Nokia S40 app

WhatsApp Messenger  is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows one to exchange messages without paying a single penny for SMS. This app uses the same internet data plan that one use for email and web browsing. It just sync your all contacts within the app and display all the contacts using WhatsApp. It helps user create groups, exchange unlimited audio, video and images. This app let you stay connected by continuous exchanges of messages to your dear ones.


2. WeChat

WeChat Nokia S40 Best audio messaging app

WeChat Messenger is similar to WhatsApp allowing exchanging of messages, video and audio without paying for SMS using the internet data plan.  This app not only allow you to stay connected by syncing all your phone contacts there on WeChat, but also allow to add by the WeChat Id  (username). The functionality includes live text, audio and video chat, group chat via QR code and also allow you to connect to your social network i.e Facebook.

Recommendation: WhatsApp is recommended most for its popularity, but WeChat offers similar features with amazing emoticons. Well, the use of right messenger actually depends on you. Where you have more contacts?

  • Browsers

1. Opera Mini 

opera-best-mobile-browser-nokia-s40Opera Mini gives you a faster, better web browser experience on your mobile phone. Once you download Opera Mini browser, you will discover how fast and easy is browsing the Web from a phone. You can also save money on data charges too, as Opera Mini browser compresses downloaded data by up to 90%. This excellent browser is completely free. Several features includes built-in browser tabs for several websites access at once, download manager for downloading files and bookmarking web pages. Opera Mini v4.0 for old S40 phones.

2. UCWeb Browser

ucweb 7.3-web-browser-s40-nokia-bestUCWeb Browser gives you similar and faster access to web like Opera Mini. It optimizes the bookmark feature to make your life more colorful with mobile Internet and allow quickly download experience bar.Some Feature includes Better Page Display with full support of WAP2.0 standard, Enhanced Performance Up to 30% Increase , Cursor Mode as Default, My Shortcut – visit your favor sites by one click, New Start Page Design for better display and more sites, Free Copy is Back for Symbian phones, Country Select Page at first time start and Localized Start Page for different countries for Java platform.

Recommendation: If you are using browser just for surfing and downloading small files, then Opera Mini is the best. And if you require to download large files and want to resume after some time even after the app is closed, then its better to use UC Web browser.

  • Chat Clients

Accessing Gmail, Facebook or Hotmail etc. any accounts from your phone will disallow to chat with your friends and colleagues. Though today Facebook provide access to chat, but you wont be able to chat with two persons at a time. So, here are two best messengers/chat clients that will provide fast access to your social networking sites. It will also allow chatting with two accounts simultaneously.

1. Ebuddy Messenger 

ebuddy-messenger-nokia-best-chat-client-s40Ebuddy, the instant mobile messenger allow you to chat with your friends on MSN, AIM, Yahoo, GTalk, Hyves and Facebook. Through Ebuddy you can chat with multiple accounts at a time, thereby allowing instant messaging. Ebuddy allows some new emoticons to make your chat exciting.

2. Nimbuzz


Nimbuzz gives you free mobile calls, free instant messaging and puts all your friends in one place!Make free calls via 3G and Wi-Fi and low-cost international calls to any mobile phone or landline, anywhere, with NimbuzzOut.

Recommendation: Ebuddy Messenger is light when compared to Nimbuzz, but lacks certain features. If you own a old S40 device and require only basic facebook, gtalk access, then you should go with Ebuddy.

  • News App

News Hunt

NewsHunt S40 Nokia java app

In our house we have a particular newspaper daily but using this app you can read 70+ newspaper in English, Hindi or Regional language on your mobile phone via Internet connectivity. They have Danik Bhaskar, Danik Jagran, Punjab Kesri and 10 more newspapers in Hindi .In English news section The Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Deccan Herald, IBNlive.com and 10 more newspapers. There also includes technology news sites such as tech.in and more.They have a variety of newspapers in Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada,Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya & Bangla. Also Business, Classifieds and Job search are included in this app.

  • File Explorer/ Manager

Ultimate File Explorer

Ultimate File Explore/Manager For S40This is the best file manager that you will ever need! The Ultimate File Explorer contains all the essential features needed in file manager (including sending files via Bluetooth). Just try it for your self! Permissions: In order for this application to work, the following applications permissions need to be set: Connectivity -> Always allowed Read user data -> Ask every time Edit user data -> Ask every time Setting permissions.

However, this app list is not complete yet, there are many other best java apps for Nokia S40 devices. If you know any of the best app, then please comment below. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Aseem Girkar

He is a passionate and enthusiast blogger and likes to discuss news trending in Technology world