Experience New Standard of Excellence with Apple iPhone 5S

Experience New Standard of Excellence with Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhones have certainly set a standard for smartphones. Apple is always celebrated for introducing cutting-edge technology in smartphone deals. So, there was no wonder that newly introduced iPhone 5s will be a power packed device that would further elevate one’s experience with  iPhones.

iPhone 5s so far is the best device introduced by Apple. Certainly, is was backed by the technological advancements from Apple but also in terms of looks or design its way ahead of its contemporaries and predecessors. Amidst deluge of smartphones, Apple has continued to curb a niche for itself. iPhone 5s, quite rightly, promises of excellence. The phone, however, is priced at the higher side that makes it a luxury product. Homework on the different Apple iPhone 5s deals therefore can go a long way in helping you find the most affordable and rewarding package on your iPhone.

Experience New Standard of Excellence with Apple iPhone 5S


iPhone 5s is lighter and slimmer than other iPhones. It is also slightly taller than previous versions and for that reasons it is 1.4 mm thinner than others. There is no bulge on the backside (flush back) and the screen is hardly raised from the aluminum encasing, which gives it a stylish appearance. It is quite evident that Apple has certainly put a lot of innovations in achieving such sleek design. The phone is impressively thin and stylish with 4 inch screen. Even in terms of weight, 5s is 28 grams lighter than previous versions. Improvised aluminum encasing, barred only the front and back panels, has helped in lowering the weight.

Experience New Standard of Excellence with Apple iPhone 5S


Larger screen size of 5s means better user experience. iPhone has the most amazing screen with higher aspect ratio. It is the only iPhone till date that has a fully equipped fingerprint reader. This feature has allowed users to enforce phone security without troubling to add passwords. The screen has excellent touch sensibility and higher resolution with full retina display that makes photos and texts crispier.

Taller screen is also an advantage if you have too many icons on your home screen. The phone will look less cluttered while you can view larger sections of texts or more appointments on your calendar.

Processor and storage

iPhone 5s is designed to be a powerhouse and it is just that with its powerful processor; Apple A6. It is expected to render double speed than 4s. Accordingly, iPhone 5s loads faster and offers better graphical experience. For people who enjoy playing games on their mobile phones, iPhone 5s will deliver better experience with its crispier graphical display and larger aspect ratio. iOS 7 is extremely user-friendly for browsing, searching and downloading.

The standard storage capacity for iPhone 5s is 16 GB while 32 GB and 64GB versions are also available. But these aren’t readily available and are extremely pricy.

The camera quality is excellent, though not exceptional. Compared to Nokia Lumina or Samsung Galaxy Zoom, the 8 mega pixel camera performance is moderate but quite good at taking pictures. The multi-tone flash is capable of capturing pictures in low light and the flash effect is more subdued than LED or Xenon flashes used in most other cameras.

Experience New Standard of Excellence with Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone 5s has several pros against the earlier versions.

  • Full touch-id recognition
  • All-round camera with great performance
  • Fingerprint recognition for better security
  • User-friendly design; nicely snuggle into your hand
  • Sleek, light-weight
  • Faster performance

But as it happens with every new phone that comes in the market, iPhone 5s too has some negatives, although those are quite minor.

  • Battery performance isn’t great
  • Expensive, especially, those come with extra storage
  • Some can find the 4-inch screen small compared to other available smartphones in the market

 Salient features of iPhone

  • Full retina display
  • Finger print recognition and unlocking
  • Aluminum casing helped in reducing weight further
  • Sleek designing; nicely curved; the front screen snuggly fits into the case
  • 8 mp camera with true-tone flash that gives more realistic pictures in low light
  • A7 Dual-core processor for faster browsing experience
  • User-friendly A7 browser

Experience excellence with great apple iPhone deals

Since the cost of the phone is so high one must find the best deals on the phone. iPhone 5s is available in your nearest Apple store with all the leading service providers on a wide range of contract options.

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Aseem Girkar

He is a passionate and enthusiast blogger and likes to discuss news trending in Technology world