How To: Decide A Best Smartphone

How To: Decide A Best SmartphoneWhen you go out for a purchase of any new handset, you usually judge it by looks, speed, camera’s picture quality and its battery life. However, these parameters are not enough to decide the best smartphone that will suit best in your hand, but instead you have to look after many areas while getting your hands-on the best.

Well, if you are in a mood for a purchasing a new handset, or deciding the best handset in the market, then this post will surely help you out. Following are the areas one should look after while deciding the best smartphone.

How To: Decide A Best Smartphone


Selecting a better Display…!!

How do you judge a smartphone display and its quality? You must be judging on the basis of the picture quality and its visibility to our eye, but that’s not the correct way to select the best display.

  • The best way to judge a smartphone’s display screen is to look at it from various angles for changes in colour, and also checking in lighting conditions for visibility.
  • If you are looking for a phablet, then search for a Full HD display (1080p), while if you are looking for devices up to 5-inches, then HD (720p) will work well.
  • If you see any smaller devices, first load a web page to check whether the text is crisp or not, and make sure the text can be read without strain to your eyes.
  • Note that avoid smartphones with lesser than WVGA (800x480px) resolution.
  • AMOLED screens are well suited when it comes to displaying punchy colours, while LCD screens with IPS technology are good too. Try to avoid TFT LCDs display as much as you can.


What about Display Size?

When we select a smartphone, we usually have in our mind that it should be quiet handy. Therefore, to get an excellent experience, screen sizes of 4-5 inches are good enough.

  • A smartphone with a display screen more than 5-inches makes it uncomfortable in our hand. More bigger is the display screen size, more heavier and uncomfortable is to carry in our pocket.
  • Large screens offer a better experience on a Flip side (especially while watching movies, playing games and browsing on web).


Check for a faster access..!!

How To: Decide A Best SmartphoneHow To: Decide A Best Smartphone



When you go for purchasing a handset, you may have acknowledged about dual-core, quad-core, and nowadays, even octa-core processors. But which one is the best for your smartphone? Obviously, a greater number of cores are usually the better ones, but it doesn’t give you a true picture that how exactly the smartphone will perform.

  • In case of mobile processors, then the UK-based ARM is among the major developer who designs these chips, licenses different architectures with names such as Cortex A5, A7, A8, A9, A12, A15 to manufacturers. As we know that higher the number, better the chips. For example, a quad-core A15 processor will be more advanced than the quad-core A5. Also, sometimes the dual-core processors perform far better than the quad-cores.

Note:  A processor performs depending upon the OS abilities. For instance, an Apple device dual-core processor can perform better than quad-core processor of Android phones.

Some of the popular processors equipped inside the smartphones are listed below:

  • Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 600 and 800
  • Samsung’s octa-core Exynos
  • Apple’s dual-core A7 (powered on iPhone 5s)
  • Devices like the Nokia Lumias uses mid-rand dual-core Qualcomm S4 chipsets, which are also equipped inside Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro and Sony Xperia M.
  • Other chips found in mid-range and low-end smartphones include dual-core Intel Atom chips, the quad-core MediaTek MT6589, and Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon 200 and 400.



This is the memory where the software resides while it is running along with the data it is using. RAM is used by both OS and application software.

Note: More RAM is always better.


What about Storage Space?

When we get our hands on a smartphone, we make sure that it has an access to e-mails, social networks, photos, videos and music. But all these require a lot of storage especially for high-end phones because high-end phones produces high-quality image with high storage space.

  • If a phone shows its capacity as 8GB, it will only offer 6.5GB to the user. So, if you require a 4GB space, make sure you purchase a smartphone with 8 or 16GB space.
  • Nowadays, phones features high-megapixels camera and HD video recording which produces images and videos that occupy more space. And also, if you are watching full HD movies on your smartphone, ensure that you have at least 32GB space.

Note: Look for a model that supports 32GB or 64GB microSD cards, so user can add more memory when required.

How To: Decide A Best Smartphone


Decide a Better Camera..!!!

First thing, we want to make clear to smartphone users that a phone with more megapixels doesn’t offer high-quality and better pictures. This is the major flaw in most of user minds. Instead users should look for phones that is equipped with a good-camera optics such as Lens

Points to remember:

  • A high-resolution camera with a low-quality lens will offer low-quality pictures in high resolution. Users should go for devices with Carl Zeiss lens.
  • A 5MP camera which provides 8×6-inch prints at 300dpi (dots per inch), is the standard resolution for professional printing.
  • If you are looking for phones only for sharing photos on social networks and Instagram, then a 10MP camera is more than enough.
  • Look for cameras with BSI sensors (Backside illumination)  for a better low-light photography, and also make sure it comes with an LED flash.
  • Good pictures are results of adequate megapixels, good lens and sensor technology, as well as high-end processor chipsets.
  • For a front-facing camera, one-two megapixel is good enough

Note: Nokia Lumia 1520, 1020 and 925, Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4 and S4 Zoom and S4 mini, LG G2 and HTC one are the best ones till date with good camera experience.


Make your phone ‘ Smart’ with an Operating System..!!

Know about different operating systems in the market.


Android OS

How To: Decide A Best SmartphoneAndroid OS is the popular mobile OS found in most of the smartphones in the market. It provides native integration with Google services that includes such as Search, gmail, Maps, hangouts, Youtube and more. User can even download apps and games from google Play Store. But the best thing about Android is that unlike Windows OS and iOS, apps and games are available for free at play Store.

Also, Android devices offer plug and play facility which means user can simply connect it to your PC via a USB cable. Android phone are available in market ranging from $70 ( Rs. 4000) to the price over $700 (Rs. 50000) with popular brands such as HTC, Samsung, LG, lenovo, Sony, Motorola and even local players such as Micromax, Karbonn etc. Latest Android versions in market are Jelly Bean (4.1, 4.2, 4.3) and the latest and all new KitKat (4.4). Buyers look for an Android smartphone with any of these latest versions.


Windows Phone

How To: Decide A Best Smartphone

Not as popular as Android and iOS, but the Windows phone OS is slowly catching-up with them, and not only that, the Windows Phone app store now has over two lakh titles. Windows phone OS are usually powered on Nokia devices and if you are looking for a better WP handset with great hardware experience, you need to pay a higher price for it.

Also, these handsets come with subscriptions to free content like music and movies (depends on the purchase of model). Also, Windows Phone handsets offers the best map and navigation services such as Here Maps and Drive+, which are the best in the countries like India.


iOSHow To: Decide A Best Smartphone

iOS is the mobile OS found only in Apple devices and therefore, all its apps are available on Apple App store. The Apple App store provides you high-quality digital content in the form of educational material, music, videos and apps. The OS experiences smoothness to users and its a rare instance when your Apple device lags or freezes up. One thing is quiet annoying sometimes is that you have to connect your phone to PC in order to use iTunes.


Better Battery, Longer Life…!!

How To: Decide A Best Smartphone

You may have the best of the hardware and also, the device provides excellent performance, but what if the phone runs out of time with very limited battery life. Buyers should look after following points while deciding a better batter for your handset.

  • If you are looking for a smartphone with 4-5-inches in size, then look for a device that comes with at least 2,000mAh battery. Because high-end devices coming with large displays, more core chipset, and more sensors, consumes more battery life. 

Note: Higher the mAh, Longer the battery lasts.

  • Choose devices with lithium polymer batteries over lithium-ion, while the earlier batteries appears lighter and slo retain their charge for longer time.
  • Purchase a device with user replaceable battery.

Hope you like this post. For any queries, do mention in comments below. Stay tuned for more updates.

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