What’s Best: Security Apps For Windows Phone

What's Best: Security Apps For Windows PhoneThough Windows Phone doesn’t have that market reach on comparison to the two popular mobile OS i.e Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, the Windows Phone based smartphones still stand at third position and it is steadily growing especially in emerging markets. There has been increase in demand for Windows Phone in past couple of years and the result has given rise to the concern of security in Windows Phone. Since, large number of apps are now connected via Internet, it is neccesary to treat our sensitive information and credentials in our smartphones.

Also, there is also need to prevent apps from any sort of  unauthorized access. Well, today we bring you the best security apps for your Windows Phone that will not only prevent your sensitive information and credentials, but also prevent apps, pictures and videos from unauthorized access and also provide a self-safety for you and your dear ones.

 Here’s a list of best Security Apps for Windows Phone:



Boxcryptor is the best security app for Windows PhoneBoxcryptor app is functional on a healthy cross-section of cloud storage providers, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box.net and SugarSync. It works very easily by just simply picking the cloud provider of choice from that practically endless list of options, key in your credentials and go. Once encrypted uploading is complete, you can even share access rights with other people. Encrypted files are displayed with green filenames. However, the app is available for free, you don’t have the rights to access the full version of Boxcryptor, until and unless your purchase the app. To download this app, head over to the Windows Phone Store now.




Security Toolkit:


Security Toolkit app will turn your Windows Phone into a mobile security system with alarms and surveillance abilities. Security Toolkit make use of your Windows Phone camera, microphone and WiFi support. The motion camera can be used to check who is sneaking on your room and also keep any eye on while travelling. The remote camera can be used as a baby monitor by monitoring your children playing in another room. The motion alarm prevents your Windows Phone from curious hands. The main features of the Security Toolkit includes Surveillance Camera which turns your Windows Phone into a motion/sound activated surveillance camera, Intrusion Alarm which turns your Windows Phone camera and microphone as motion/sound sensors and WiFi Broadcaster that turns your Windows Phone into a remote camera, broadcasting over WiFi to your computer. Security Toolkit comes with a free version with limited features including limited monitoring, which means users who have to purchase the full version to get hands on all features. To download Security Toolkit, head over to the Windows Phone Store now.


Pic lock Ultimate:

Pic Lock Ultimate Is the best security app  for Windows PhonePic Lock Ultimate is a photography app especially designed for Windows Phone 8 device that lets users photos and videos secure from prying eyes. Pic Lock Ultimate uses a four digit alphanumeric passcode, an ultimate intruder protection and a Panic Warp system to keep you and your Windows Phone secure. The secure system for Pic Lock Ultimate not only allow users to keep their images and videos secure, but also offer a surveillance/ anti-intruder system.

The anti-intruder system works as: If a user enters a wrong passcode, then the app automatically turn on your front-facing camera and takes the picture of the intruder, and if the wrong passcode is entered three times, the app takes a video footage of the intruder who is messing with your Windows Phone. The ultimate intruder protection comes with a Self-destruction mode, which deletes all the data in the Pic Lock app when there are five incorrect passcode entries (Only if the mode is “Turned On”). The Panic Warp system allow users to shake, flip or set your Windows Phone down to send your phone to either Windows Phone Store or Internet Explorer. Well, the Pic Lock Ultimate app is not available for free, which means that user cannot try before purchasing. So, if you are eager to download this app, head over to the Windows Phone Store to download the app now.


Best Secret Folder:

Best Secret Folder is the best security app for your Windows PhoneBest Secret Folder is a powerful free app for Windows Phone that lets user protect their private photos and videos from prying eyes of their family and friends. This app just hides all your photos and videos from prying eyes and also provide a password security. The app provides a password protected security to prevent from unauthorized access of photos and videos. Best Secret Folder features includes powerful phone security system that activate the alarm & notifies with loud sound when someone tries to break the protection, capture photo & location of intruder if login fails, Intruder stopper shows fake photos when activated, allow all photos and videos to be password protected, export your photos, videos and notes to SkyDrive or Facebook and also allow basic options such as move, copy, rename and delete videos, photos and notes from one folder to another. This app is available for free at the Windows Phone Store, so head over to download it now.



Guardian app is a best security app for Windows phone

Guardian is the best security app for Windows Phone especially in times of emergency. Guardian uses Microsoft Windows Azure cloud solution and the Bing Maps API to allow selected colleagues,friends and family members to track your movements and alert them in times of danger. The app lets users add multiple buddies who will be alerted in emergency situations, has one-touch video activation to start recording footage that could be used as evidence, track your movements, and has Live Tile support for quick access to the SOS button. Users can register the app with their Windows Phone Live ID and from there they can add specific individuals or Facebook groups as their buddies. This is a great app especially reaching out to your friends in trouble. The Guardian app is the free app for Windows Phone 8 devices. So, if you want to download this app, head over to Windows Phone Store.

If you have used some other security apps in your Windows Phone, then do mention in the comments below. What do you think about this apps?

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Aseem Girkar

He is a passionate and enthusiast blogger and likes to discuss news trending in Technology world