IMAGINARIUM Gives Your Imagination A 3D Reality

IMAGINARIUM Gives Your Imagination A 3D Reality
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During our childhood, we used to draw our imagination into some piece of paper (could be a scenery or a sketch of a superhero/cartoon or anything which would cross our mind at that point of time) hoping that it gets transformed into a real object. Nowadays, the things are being changed and turned into reality with the world witnessing a faster transformation in technologies such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and a new way of printing your imagination called 3D printing. 3D printing is a form of an Additive Manufacturing where digital 3D design data is used as an input to build up a component in layers by depositing materials. 3D Printers take inputs in the form of CAD design and prints the desired 3D Objects based on its shapes, size and density.

Why 3D Printing?

Traditional CNC Printing
Printing Using CNC Machines – Traditional Medium

Unlike traditional mediums of producing components using hands or a CNC machine or with the help of subtractive process, the 3D printing technology produces objects using machines by adding layer one above another until it gets the desired 3D structure. Firstly, 3D Printers cost less while creating a simple part than creating by hand or using traditional CNC machines. Secondly, complex customized parts can be produced automatically with exotic materials that seem to be virtually impossible using subtractive machines. Also, the high level of manual labour involved in the production cycle is reduced.

IMAGINARIUM Gives Your Imagination A 3D Reality
Printing using 3D Printers


Industries and consumers have already started getting the touch of 3D printed objects and this new form of printing has been spreading at a greater pace. Imaginarium, an India-based company is one of the earlier adopters in 3D printing and also, India’s largest rapid prototyping and advanced manufacturing company which aims to transform the vision into 3D reality.  Imaginarium has made a revolutionary change in production and manufacturing by making it more seamless, cost effective and more innovation friendly. It has one of the largest setups for 3D printing in India with over 20 industrial 3D printing machines.

Contributing to innovations in jewellery, engineering, automotive, architecture and consumer goods, Imaginarium works have been classified into seven different categories: Precious, Life, Rapid, Solutions, Venture, Academy and Metamorphosis Café.

Imaginarium PRECIOUS

Imaginarium JEWELLERY - IMAGINARIUM Gives Your Imagination A 3D Reality

With the help of additive manufacturing solutions, they are involved in 3D printing of Jewelleries. 3D Printing Jewellery not only saves cost, but also reduces metal wastage and quick turnaround time. This also gives rise to scope of innovations and customization allowing creation ofunique ornaments.

Imaginarium LIFE

Imaginarium LIFE - IMAGINARIUM Gives Your Imagination A 3D Reality

3D printing contributes towards number of applications in the field of Healthcare and patients, thereby producing patient specific anatomical models, surgical guides, jigs and fixtures, customised implants and device testing prototypes.

One can expect the shortage of organ transplant to be lower in near future.

Imaginarium RAPID

Imaginarium RAPID - IMAGINARIUM Gives Your Imagination A 3D Reality

They can produce prototypes in the field of Industrial Manufacturing. This involves inclusion of SLA, SLS, VC, CNC, Injection Moulding and Scanning which can be used to get a fully functional and working prototype

Imaginarium SOLUTIONS

Imaginarium is a go-to consultant for all things in additive manufacturing. They provide solutions to everything from a start up to well established industries. With round the clock assistance from their expert team and a wide range of machines and softwares that they offer, they enable everyone from individuals and businesses with tailored solutions.

Imaginarium VENTURE

Imaginarium also invests in ideas that use 3D printing to solve problems that impacts lives and business. They open up access to technology, funds and other resources to teams that are trying to apply this technology in innovative ways across domains.

Imaginarium ACADEMY

With world class expertise in the field of 3DP, Imaginarium focuses on educating everybody right from school children to corporate leaders or government officials with the best curated content from around the globe.


Metamorphosis CAFe - IMAGINARIUM Gives Your Imagination A 3D Reality

This is an extension of the Academy that represents the change that Imaginarium wants to bring about in playground for ideas and technology, Metamorphosis is a collaborative maker space that liberates and celebrates the act of creation. Imaginarium inspires and encourages a whole generation of creative minds to challenge the constraints, break free of rules that bind and give a tangible form to ideas that make better worlds possible. So you think it, they make it!

How much does 3D Printing Cost

The major factor which keeps us in discussion while accepting a new technology is its cost. The cost of 3D printing varies, depending on the kind of printer involved, the size of objects and the level of details desired by you. However, when it comes to costing of 3D printers, its ranges from 50k (basic 3D Printers) to lacs (industrial-grade printers offering varieties in terms of shape and colour). If you want a small-printed 3D object which is about few centimetres in length, then it requires less than an hour of work and costs some few hundred rupees to print, but if it is a complex job with high density and size, then it may cost much more. Material involved in manufacturing components is a major factor involved in cost of 3D printing.

So, what are your views on 3D Printing? Do let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more updates.

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