Spider-Man PS4 Showed Up At E3 – Here’s Our Updated Wish List

Spider-Man PS4 Showed Up At E3 - Here's Our Updated Wish ListE3 has begun, and the early highlight is undoubtedly the new trailer for PS4’s Spider-Man game. This marks a major event in gaming, because it’s expected to be the first of many new Marvel games that take full advantage of the power of modern consoles (not counting Telltale’s Guardians Of The Galaxy game, which was brilliant but fairly standard for Telltale). We still know only a few things about the game so far, from some rumors and the gameplay footage, as well as the knowledge that it will not be tied specifically to the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie coming out in July. But having seen a bit more, here are some of the wishes we still have for the game.

  • More Of Modern New York

The original trailer for this game seemed to make a point of showcasing one of the newest and most impressive elements of the Manhattan skyline: One World Trade Center, the gleaming skyscraper that doubles as a monument to those lost on September 11th. And normally the skyline in a video game wouldn’t matter tremendously. But Spider-Man is so closely tied to New York (literally speaking, when you think about him swinging between buildings) that it would be nice to see the game focus on some of the other newer structures dotted around the city. New York is actually pushing ahead with several massive and modern new towers that will change the skyline permanently, ultimately making it more impressive. The world within the game should reflect this.

  • Hints Of Other Avengers

As mentioned, we know that Spider-Man: Homecoming and this game will have nothing to do with one another. But they don’t have to share plot points to share characters or qualities. And Spider-Man joining the Avengers is going to be one of the biggest superhero events in years. It would be a lot of fun to see glimpses of some of the other Avengers in this game, even as playful moments in DLC or side activities outside the main game. There’s something nice about a world built exclusively around Spider-Man, but in the minds of superhero fans this is all one world now.

  • Multiple Villain Appearances

Rumor has it the Green Goblin will be the main villain in this game. But it would almost be a shame to limit it that way. The Goblin is sort of the “main” Spider-Man bad guy these days, thanks to appearances in two separate film franchises. But it would be a lot of fun to see, say, the Vulture as well, given that he’ll be the fresh antagonist in the upcoming film. We’ve also seen an internet slot game called The Amazing Spider-Man that allows players to chase and capture Venom. It’s a small feature and an alternative to free spin bonuses, but it’s nevertheless something that could inspire a fun appearance in the Insomniac. And beyond that, we’ve even seen traditional baddies like Electro and Rhino appear in smaller Marvel mobile games. The point is, there are a lot of villains people are familiar with, and at least a few more than Green Goblin should have a major presence. It is wor
th noting, though, that the trailer did focus on Mr. Negative, so maybe our wish is coming true.

  • Nods To Past Films

It would also be nice to see this game throw in some references to some of the five Spider-Man movies we’ve already seen this century, even if they’re playful. For instance, we could see Peter Parker be able to enter an underground wrestling ring as a nod to the infamous scene in which he battled Bonesaw in Spider-Man. That’s just one idea, but there are a lot of different iconic scenes and moments to choose from, and they’d all be fun for dedicated fans to play out in the game.

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